Foot Slave Audition - Slave Chris

  • 16 min

Description: goddess brianna is conducting the initial interview of foot slave candidate chris. this applicant admits to being the dominant partner at home, but he has a fantasy of being submissive to a dominant woman. with chris' admission that he has never served a mistress or been in bondage brianna considers what test to give this one. goddess brianna believes she can educate this curious fellow on the specifics of being a foot slave. chris is blindfolded then instructed to worship the goddess's shoes. he is a bit timid not having his sight, so brianna reminds him that he is being graded on eagerness to serve. when he is caught dribbling pre-cum on the floor, the goddess makes him clean it up. at the measurement phase, chris disappoints with only two inches. goddess brianna tells him that he is failing in all categories, so he'd better produce a massive load. things are falling apart for chris as he cannot achieve a full erection and he gags while worshiping her feet, babe, blonde, big boobs, femdom, milf, foot fetish, hd videos, submissive, things, categories, slaves, educate, foot slave, instructed, footing, dominant woman, feet, load, goddess, inch, partner, sight, foot slave auditions

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